7 Ways to Wear a Cropped Hoodie

How to style cropped hoodie

Cropped sweatshirts are perfect for any season and can be worn in any situation. Whether in the airport, out for brunch with friends, on a city street, or at home curled up on the couch. This casual sweater deserves the starring role in your wardrobe. These It girls show us just how versatile this piece is, creating outfits that range from simple to cool to dressed–up simply by tying the straps of their sweatshirt around their waists or jutting out their hips. And yes, in case you were wondering—summer layers like crop tops, bikinis and dresses look killer under cropped sweatshirts as well.

Style-wise, cropped sweatshirts are an excellent wardrobe staple to own. Whether you’re looking for a casual outfit that you can throw together in a flash (hello, weekends), a cute look to wear for drinks (like these celebs), or inspiration for an adventurous night out, the best thing about this piece is that it’s easily interchangeable with other items in your closet. The better you learn how to style this versatile staple, the more ways you’ll find to use it and build on your style.

1. Overalls

If you’re looking to stay warm this season, a hoodie might be the right move. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can wear your sweatshirt underneath a pair of overalls for a relaxed ‘90s vibe. Don’t forget to check out our tips if you want more coverage. This summer, don’t be afraid to wear your hoodie. Get yourself two so that you can spare one to go up a size. You never know when you’re going to want to layer different clothing pieces together, and with that extra roominess, you’ll have plenty of additional options.

2. For Gym

Cropped hoodies can go from your workout to your day-off without difficulty, all you have to do is add a pair of jeans and some sneakers, and your outfit is complete. The cropped hoodie looks like it’s here to stay, so be sure to pick up a few varieties in different colors and make it part of your everyday workout wear. Likewise, cropped hoodies or sweatshirts can go from your workout to your day-off without difficulty, all you have to do is add a pair of jeans and some sneakers, and your outfit is complete.

3. Distressed

While there are many different clothing combinations that you can use for a night out, one of the favorites is a cropped sweatshirt and jeans. The sky is the limit to deciding what colors you like best with this combination, since you have many colors to choose from. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a cropped sweatshirt. It can look cool and edgy, but it also works well to tone down the look. If you decide to go with a cropped sweatshirt, use your creativity to create looks that fit your style.

4. A regular

The chicness of this trend is undeniable, though it takes some skill to pull off! Here’s some advice for those looking to try it out: keep the rest of your outfit simple. Try pairing your cropped hoodie with a pair of slim jeans or even straight-leg jeans. Heels are also optional – you can go braless and barefoot in more casual environments like the office or college campus. The benefits of layering are no doubt worth it—and with its relaxed and comfortable style, a cropped sweatshirt makes for a perfect staple in any wardrobe.

5. Uniform

If you wear cropped hoodies, don’t shy away from making monochromatic color palettes. It may seem like a challenge at first, but your outfit will come together effortlessly in a minimalist look that is both classy and sophisticated. But whether you go with a simple monochromatic color palette or play it up with different hues and patterns, always remember to keep things simple. 

6. Athletic Outfit

Experiment with trends like the mock neck and fashion-forward fabrics and cuts, but keep your basics streamlined for an everyday look that you’ll love. After all, the whole point of wearing an athletic uniform is that it’s not supposed to attract attention—it should be comfortable and stylish, not flashy and ostentatious. Ultimately, the cropped hoodie is a wardrobe staple for any casual day out or weekend adventure. So embrace the athleisure trend and give it a try!

7. Sneakers

Cropped sweatshirts are a great go-to option for the upcoming fall weather. They come in various colors, patterns, and materials, so there are plenty of choices to try out. As long as you’re going to be outside in mild temperatures, you can easily style a top like this with your jeans or leggings and sneakers. If you’ve already got a cropped sweatshirt in your closet, you can easily style it. If not, we recommend adding one to your repertoire. Not only is it great for a low-effort outwear look, but with so many colors and options available, it can dress up any outfit as well.


So, there you have it: proof that cropped sweatshirts are a versatile standby in your closet and can be worn in countless scenarios. And there, of course, also comfortable! But remember to always be on the lookout for deals and discounts; the best time to buy clothes is when they’re on sale. So save up a couple of that 20% off coupons for the end of the season, or check out some flash sale sites for great deals on individual items.

The end of the school year is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to stock up on trendy pieces for the upcoming season. And what better place to find budget-friendly essentials than your favorite fast fashion stores? We highly recommend shopping at these It shops if you have a crop top or cropped hoodie on your summer wish list. First, shop the look: Cropped sweaters (like what Renee is wearing) stay in style so that you can wear this piece again and again. When you find one you love, buy it in more than one color.

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