How Old is The Hoodie?

How old is a hoodie

The origin of the word hoodie is under some debate; there are several theories, but all agree that it is related to clothes, cloaks, and garments worn by Benedictine monks. It's worth noting that the hoodie style itself was not something new even when it took on the name. The garment has been around for centuries and has been used in Europe and other regions around the world for a very long time. So if you like the style of a hoodie and want to wear it, you are certainly not alone.

Hoodie probably appeared in the 19th-century United Kingdom as a slang term for the thief. Initially, there was only one word, the hood, which meant a covering for the head and/or face. The word hood had existed since Middle English as hod, an outer garment covering the head and neck, with no facial connotation. In British usage, among half-hanged men working in tin mines, it was common to wear an extensive framework protecting the whole upper body and head while hanging the criminal by his feet; in this position, they could work without their hands.

Later (medieval) law required that the "boogeyman" cover his face; without it, they feared he could otherwise be recognized after execution. The "hood" could be a simple hat added to his rags or even a fabric jammed into holes cut in his rags (the mask) to hold out water that entered through the spots where he had been stooped to the river or stream below him.

1. Became a Basic

Theories abound. The origins, however, are much clear. The hoodie is a symbol of rebellion and may have emerged as a way for young men to stand out in their communities. The chavs and the neds of the UK scene made them much more visible within a crowd after dark. It also enabled them to easily hide their face while robbing victims or attacking others in unsuspecting areas. The hoodie's popularity has only grown since then, and you can now call it a symbol of modesty, with celebrities across the globe sporting them as a trademark look.

The hoodie is where function and fashion collide. While some associate the clothing item with a somewhat unruly lifestyle, it has become an everyday staple of modern style that truly reflects the state of today's society. One could almost say that this popular hooded sweatshirt perfectly represents modern-day culture--a fashion statement in some quarters and a necessity in others. Its ability to remain relevant while balancing function and fashion sets the hoodie apart from other clothing items.

It is fashionable yet functional. It can be used as a layer or main article of clothing, all depending on what pattern, color, or style might best suit one's personality or weather conditions. It keeps its wearer warm but not overheated. The hoodie is a piece of clothing that has indeed weathered the storm of time and come away with few flaws in its appearance or practicality.


The term hoodie is rarely used in the UK, as it has been replaced mainly by the use of sweaters and jumpers, as well as the prefixing of the hoodie with youth subculture brand names. However, instances of spelling using hoodies are still frequent in literature from elsewhere, such as in newspapers from non-English countries. In 2008, hoodies became a recognized fashion trend for young adults. By 2009 the clothing had become mainstream among preteens.

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