Backwoods Hoodies - The 8 Best

Best backwoods hoodies

If you like comfortable clothes and the most famous cigar brand in the urban culture, you are in the right place. This article presents you the best backwoods hoodies to smoke with the best comfort. Many sweaters with different aesthetics in the image of this American brand that has never gone out of fashion. Backwoods hoodies that breathe the flavors of honey and wild smoke and that you will love to wear daily.

Clothes that you have chosen for their aesthetics, but also for the quality of their materials. You will love smoking your plants in backwoods hoodies that feature the best blend of cotton and polyester. And you're right, there's nothing better than smoking your tobacco or others in comfortable clothing. So pack your best wraps and get ready to discover the best backwoods hoodie on the market. A trip between pop culture, honey and authentic cigars.

Backwoods Rick And Morty Hoodie

Backwoods Rick and Morty hoodie

When the madness of Rick and Morty mixes with the underground aesthetics of Backwoods it make some great hoodies. If you like to enjoy your blunts or cigar in front of a good show, this Backwoods hoodie is surely made for you. A Rick & Morty backwoods hoodie that will easily be enjoyed around you thanks to one of the most popular cartoon series in pop culture. So prepare your best Backwoods flavors and join them in another universe by getting this black or white hoodie.

Purple Backwoods

Purple Backwoods hoodie

If you like to enjoy your backwoods blunts with all kinds of syrup, this purple hoodie is for you. A backwoods hoodie set that will still make you enjoy your evenings smoking at parties or quietly at home. Honey will only get better by wearing this comfortable clothing daily. Moreover, the color of this purple Backwoods hoodie and pants blends perfectly with the rest of the design showing cigar packs. Surely the best color to enjoy smoking and drinking all kinds of flavors even more.

Bart Hoodie

Bart Backwoods hoodie

Surely one of the most famous bad boys in the world, this Bart Backwoods hoodie is for people who grew up with the Simpsons. If you are one of them, your Backwoods blunts will be much better with Bart. A comfortable garment similar to the Rick & Morty hoodie and with many sizes to wear it oversized if you wish. It's also up to you to teach Bart the right ways, but first you have to get him to taste the best honey cigars by wearing this Backwoods hoodie and pants.

Fire Backwoods

Fire Backwoods hoodie

What better thing to represent backwoods wraps than flames? That's what you'll choose perfectly with this women and men Backwoods hoodie inspired by the Trasher logo. A garment that will make you want to ignite your joints even more with the best possible flavors. With its simple and effective aesthetic, you will be able to wear this Backwoods logo hoodie everywhere on a daily basis. So ready to roll your best blunts in this great backwoods apparel?

Black Backwoods Hoodie

Black Backwoods hoodie

What if you simply trusted the Backwoods logo without change? That's what this black backwoods hoodie and design is all about. The perfect sweater for those who appreciate the effectiveness of the logo of the cigar brand. A hoodie that honors this brand and will make you want to roll your best honey blunts. So get this comfortable black hoodie to enjoy even more the famous wraps of this world-famous cigar brand.

Honey Berry

Honey berry hoodie

If you appreciate everything that makes the Backwoods aesthetic and brand, this sweater will quickly become one of your essentials. Same thing if you still enjoy the feeling of having his 5 pack of honey cigars in your pocket. A hoodie with a Backwoods design for the pure lover of the brand and its perfect aesthetic. Wild and milk smokes, this is what you will choose perfectly by getting this cigars hoodie. A honey backwoods hoodie that also brings together all the best features so that you can wear your sweater perfectly.

Blue Backwoods

Blue Backwood shoodie

With their colorful packs especially purple, some colors fit perfectly with the aesthetic of the brand of wild cigars. It is that the case for the blue as show perfectly this Backwoods packs hoodie. The perfect sweater for lovers of the brand's colors that makes you want to roll the best Backwoods. If you also like these colors, this blue Backwoods hoodie will definitely become your new favorite comfortable clothing. Now it's up to you to imbue it with the best flavors of honey, Russian cream Backwoods or others.

Authentic Cigars

Authentic cigars

We all appreciate Backwoods for smoking good blunts with their wraps, but we must not forget their origins. Perfectly made cigars that represent the American know-how. If you also like the authentic side of the brand, this black Backwoods hoodie is for you. It is waiting for you and your wild and mild smoke, you are the chosen one. Especially if you like honey flavors, as the back of this hoodie represents that perfectly. So ready to roll your best blunts with this Backwoods hoodie?


By now, you know the best Backwoods hoodies you can find online. We hope you like some of them and that they will accompany you in your evenings filled with honey smoke. If you want to discover other cool hoodies, feel free to browse through the other pages of our online store. We sell high quality hoodies that will make you feel as comfortable as you smoke the best joints. Our clothing is also perfect if you want to roll your best blunts with backwoods wraps. 

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