How to Wear a Flannel Over a Hoodie in 2023

How to wear flannel with a hoodie

Pairing a hoodie with a flannel may seem surprising to some, but it is a very effective combination. Flannel is surely one of the best layered clothes to wear with a hoodie. But when we talk about this kind of mix, we also talk about easy mistakes, that's why we are going to give you the best tips in this article. An article that will allow you to give a boost to your daily outfits thanks to the great combo that a hoodie and a flannel can make. 

1. Choose the Right Lengths

No matter what you want to wear, one of the first and most important points is to feel good in it. Especially when it comes to wearing a flannel over a hoodie. You must first make sure that the size of these clothes fits you perfectly, the best point of reference being the length of the sleeves. Make sure that these lengths are as similar as possible between your flannel and your hooded sweatshirt. The length of the clothes is also important, preferably your flannel should be longer than your hoodie, as the opposite can get weird pretty quickly.

Lastly, make sure you don't choose materials that are too warm or cold, depending on what season you want to wear them. If you have to remove layers or add layers depending on the weather outside, your efforts to combine a hoodie and flannel will be useless. We also have a dedicated article if you want to fit your hoodie correctly, you will be sure not to make any mistake with this garment.

2. Prefer Slim or Regular Fit Hoodie

Hoodie with a good fit

Another essential thing in this kind of outfit is the hoodie fit. Preferably, choose a hoodie with a slim or regular fit, which will give you more possibilities and better styles in many aspects. Because choosing a hoodie that is too loose fitting with a jacket will give you too much width, and you will also have a harder time pairing it with bottoms like jeans.

An oversized hoodie can also be uncomfortable on the arms, and you really don't want to adjust your sleeves every 5 minutes. It is for these reasons that we advise you to go for slim or regular fit hoodies. These types of hooded sweatshirts also generally have more comfortable and less irritating materials to wear on the skin if you don't want to wear a t-shirt.

3. Choose the Right Colors

Hoodie with right colors

Generally features 2 or 3 colors, it is often quite easy to make mistakes at this level by wearing a flannel. Ask about the best color combinations, or try to get inspiration from outfits that you can see on internet. Usually, flannels with dark colors like black go very well with colors in the same shade.

Same logical with those with light colors like white, you will be able to associate them more easily in outfits with light colors. Obviously that it is in the fashion for men or women exceptions exist, a red and black flannel shirt can also associate very well with white clothes for example. We count on you to find the best color combinations and bring the flannel and hoodie fashion to the top.

4. Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirt

Flannel shirts are a very popular option to be worn comfortably over a hoodie. These garments are easily recognizable by their button down collars and their light and comfortable materials. Two characteristics that make flannel shirts ideal for wearing with a hoodie. This combination gives you the perfect mix between the comfort of a hooded sweatshirt and the light feel of flannel over it.

To be worn with a hoodie, we advise you to choose a loose fit that goes beyond the sleeves and the waist of your sweater. A loose fit will also give you more comfort and freedom of movement in the arms and chest. Another important point is to be careful not to choose a collar not too tight on the neck, which could bother you with the hood. A good indicator of all this is to fully close the buttons on your flannel and see if you are still comfortable.

5. Flannel Jackets

Flannel jacket

The other popular and even more comfortable option are the flannel jackets. They are a great garment to pair with hoodies in cold weather. This is because this kind of jacket usually offers a lined interior especially for this kind of weather. Combine them with cotton hoodies, and you've arrived at the paradise of comfortable things. For these jackets, we suggest the same advice as for the flannel shirts, a loose fit with sleeves and a long and comfortable waist. Flannel jackets often have built-in hoods, so of course, choose models without.

6. Flannel Hoodies

Flannel hoodie

Flannel hoodies are a great option to enjoy the benefits of both garments. These types of flannels are mostly for people who want to wear them with the buttons closed, which will be better for your style and will give the impression that you are wearing a hoodie underneath. The main advantage is in the neck area, wearing a flannel hoodie will prevent you from being bothered by a hood mixed with a collar.

Even if this inconvenience is often slight if you choose your clothes well, it is still an interesting option. But be careful, wearing a flannel hoodie is mainly a matter of choosing the right garment. Many flannel hoodies can give you a bad look if you choose them wrong, but it's the opposite if you choose them right. It's up to you to find the best ones for your outfit.

7. Choose the Right Pants

Hoodie with pants

Now that you know perfectly how to match your hoodie and your flannel, you mustn't forget the rest of your outfits to perfectly style your hooded sweatshirt. Here are some lines to advise you the best pants to associate with your new style. Jeans are without a doubt the best option for pairing with flannel, which is what you'll see the most on Amazon product mannequins or others. Ankle-length chino pants are also a great option for a more urban-oriented style. Sporty pants can also be a great option to go with the streetwear side of your hoodie, but you have to do it right, or it can get bad. 


You now know the different things to know to best combine a hoodie and a flannel. Things like the fit and length of the garments, what fit to choose, or how to choose your colors. We also presented you the different types of flannels and the best products to choose with them. A complete article that we hope will help you to wear these clothes in your daily outfits. Now it's up to you to put all these tips into practice and choose the best clothes to compose this kind of style. If you also want some great graphic hoodies that you will love to associate with your flannels, you can continue on our site, which is mainly an pullover online store.

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