How to style a oversized hoodie

How to Style an Oversized Hoodie

If you want to enjoy one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing, you've come to the right place. An article that will prevent you from wearing your oversized hoodie with the wrong clothes, which can quickly become ridiculous. But don't worry, the hoodie is still a versatile garment that you'll be able to pair with many everyday clothes. Whether it's all kinds of pants, shoes or jackets as you will see below.

Choose the Right Hoodies for You

The first and most important step is of course the choice of hoodies. The most common mistake is to think that wearing a big hoodie is enough to make a great oversized outfit. The reality is that an oversize hoodie is far from being the easiest garment to wear, especially if you choose it wrong. First of all, you have to choose your size carefully and not go too far in the oversized style. Don't choose 4XL if you wear M, otherwise your look will be more weird than trendy. 

Also, choose a cut that stays fairly snug, don't get sleeves that are twice your arms. Generally the hoodies that are truly oversized are made for this, direct you to those. The material is also an important point, if possible, choose loose fit hoodies essentially made of organic cotton fabric. The elasticity of the sleeves and waist is also an important point for a comfortable hoodie. We have an article on how to wear a hoodie for more information.

As a Dress

Dress hoodie

One trendy way to wear an oversized pullover that will continue to cross the ages with ease is to wear it as a dress. A simple outfit but so effective if you pair your hoodie with the right shoes and accessories. If you don't want to look like you just got out of bed, we recommend wearing your hoodie at knee height, not more. Many shoes work well with a hoodie as a dress, such as tall boots or sneakers. To give this kind of outfit a boost, we also recommend choosing graphic hoodies and not solid colors.

With Layered Clothing

Hoodie with a jacket

As we saw earlier, just pairing your oversized hoodie with the right shoes or accessories is already great. But you can go one step further and choose a layer. There are many possibilities like a jacket or paired with a flannel. For us, one of the most effective outfits is to pair your oversize hoodie with a coat. Any long coat depending on the rest of your outfit and you are sure to get an original and effective style. The kind of hoodie outfits that you will love to wear during seasons like winter or fall. Important points when you wear this kind of outfits, make sure to wear colors that match your hoodies.

Wear It With Leggings

Hoodie with leggings

If you want to show off your hooded sweatshirt and find the perfect balance between loose and tight fit, leggings or yoga pants are a great option. This option is a great alternative to wearing your oversized hoodie with bare legs. A great style for lower temperatures, especially if you choose your leggings with warm materials. If you like to do your sports outside, pairing your hoodie with leggings and the right sneakers will also be perfect for this kind of activities. Many possibilities that will make you love to wear leggings with your hoodie in many situations.

Your Favorites Sneakers

Hoodi with white sneakers

With its natural streetwear look, wearing sneakers with an oversized hoodie is obviously a great combination. Especially since you don't need to create a Fashion Week look, simple mixes will work. For example, a simple white hoodie worn as a dress paired with a pair of white sneakers is sure to make you shine. Not forgetting that we talk about wearing two very comfortable clothes for your daily life. You can also complement this kind of style with many types of pants like jeans or sweatpants.

As a Tracksuit Set

Tracksuit set

Always wanting to wear your clothes perfectly with the best associations can sometimes be tiring. That's why wearing your oversized hoodie as a set is a perfect solution. You just have to choose your favorite colors and a hoodie/pant combo that looks nice and comfortable. A simple and effective outfit that is often much better than those of people who make mixes that are way too fancy for them. Don't forget that stylist is a profession. Obviously, this kind of style goes perfectly with a good pair of sneakers. We advise you not to choose sneakers of the same color as the set, it will make a big difference.

Pair It With Knee-High Boots

High boots outfit

We previously talked about wearing your oversized hoodie as a dress. A very trendy way to wear your sweater in this way is to pair it with high boots. An outfit that we love since it's a great mix between streetwear and classy style. It's a great way to wear loose fit clothes with a "femme fatale" touch. It's also for this kind of great associations that we advised you to choose mainly oversized hoodies that do not exceed your knees. So if you want a comfortable style mixed with a very feminine touch, paired your hoodie with knee high boots will quickly become one of your favorite outfit.

Worn With Jeans

Green hoodie with blue jeans

A great value for many outfits, jeans are also a great value when it comes to the pullover hoodie. The perfect pants if you want to add a touch of class and seriousness to your daily outfits. We recommend jeans with a simple regular fit to match perfectly with your oversize hoodie. A garment that contrary to appearances offers you many possibilities to give a boost to your outfits. Possibilities such as blue or black jeans, washed out look or different lengths. A simple association oversize hoodie, regular denim jeans with a pair of white sneakers, et voila. Especially since denim pairs easily with all kinds of colors, no matter if you already have white, black hoodies etc.

Oversized Outfits

Ovzersized hoodie with blue pants

Wearing oversized hoodies is probably the best in terms of comfort. Why not have the same state of mind for the rest of your outfit? This by continuing even more in the oversize style as with loose fit pants or a puffy jacket. Even in terms of footwear you can for example choose comfortable cotton winter boots. Just imagine the kind of heavenly comfort this kind of oversized outfits will bring you during low temperatures or even during the fall. They are also perfect for a vacation in the mountains or skiing while giving you great comfort and confidence for social interactions.


You now know the main products that you can easily associate with your oversize hoodie. Now it's up to you to create styles that suit you, especially the colors and the fits. You can also continue to browse our online store which offers many quality graphic hoodies. Take sizes above your usual ones and feel free to create great oversized outfits with our designs.

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