Paws Cat Sweater


With its parody design, this paws cat sweatshirt will be ideal for people who love movies and those cute felines. If you are also one of those cat lovers who love good movies, this sweater will quickly become a must-have for you. Even more so if you enjoy things featuring funny animals and sharing good vibes around you. Since that's what this funny cat sweatshirt will do perfectly with its design that will quickly go viral in your surroundings and make people you meet smile. Especially other cat lovers like you. 


One tree planted in collaboration with Ecologi™ for each product ordered. Allow a few extra days for the rest of the world, shipping within 24 hours of order confirmation.

Countries Days
USA 3-6 days
EUR 3-6 days
CAN 4-8 days
AUS 4-8 days

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