How a Hoodie Should Fit in 2024

How a Hoodie Should Fit in 2024

With its loose aspect, its adjustable waist and sleeves or its length, the hoodie is not really the easiest garment to wear well. Especially since it's the kind of clothing where you think "I just put it on, and then I'm good" while you can quickly have a ridiculous style by wearing a hoodie badly. But congratulations to you, you are apparently part of the people who want to wear his hooded sweatshirts correctly. And it's a good thing because we are a store specialized in hoodies & sweatshirts, and we love to give this kind of advices for both women and men fashion. 

1. Choose Your Styles

Firstly, it is important to understand that the perfect hoodie fit for you comes from your style and your personality. That's why you need to know what kind of hoodie fits you want among the many possibilities that this versatile garment offers. An answer that you can find by browsing sites like Pinterest, which offers many photos of cool outfits. Important thing since wanting to wear it as an oversized hoodie can be completely different from wearing it with a tight fit. But rest assured, we give you answers that can fit any type of hoodie in this article. 

2. Loose Fit

Loose fit hoodie

The loose fit has been gaining popularity lately due to the many styles possible when wearing an oversized hoodie. There are a few things to keep in mind when wearing these hooded sweatshirts and finding the right fit for an oversize hoodie. To begin with, you should preferably go for clothes that are actually made and marked as having a loose fit. Try to avoid getting regular hoodies with 4 extra sizes, it can get weird in terms of style quickly.

Pay attention to the size of the sleeves, don't choose hoodies that are twice the size of your arms. If you opt for oversized outfits, take hoodies that do not exceed your knees, this will allow you to wear it more easily as a dress or with high shoes. Materials and elasticity are also important, so make sure you get a hoodie that is made mostly of cotton.

3. Slim Fit

Slim fit hoodie

Slim fit hoodies can offer a totally different approach both in terms of possibilities and materials. Generally this kind of sweaters propose manufacturing much more with spandex and jersey fabric which moves away from the "normal hoodies". The spandex fabric has the advantage of being light, comfortable, resistant to perspiration and more elastic. These hoodies are also much tighter at the chest width.

This is a great alternative for athletes, but also for people who want to wear their hoodies on the skin. This is because a mostly 100% cotton hoodie can sometimes cause irritation. If your style is more classy than streetwear, some tight fit hoodies are also great for making up great everyday outfits. Hooded sweatshirts that you can easily pair with jeans and dress shoes. Zip up hoodies are also often great options for this kind of fit.

4. Hoodie and Sleeves Length

Hoodie sleeves

For many clothing, length is an important thing you need to consider. Even more when we want to style a hoodie as their elasticity can quickly take you from one style to another. Generally, a good regular hoodie should fall to the top of your hips. For a tight fit, ideally the elastic waistband of your hooded sweatshirt should be at waist level or at the top of your hips as well. An oversized hoodie should fall at the bottom of your hips or at the level of your knees maximum so as not to impede your movements. If you buy online, you can also use the size chart to compare lengths with your usual tops.

The length of the sleeves is also an important point, the goal being to wear your hoodie without having to adjust them every 5 minutes. There is no secret, the ideal is that the sleeves fall well on your wrists so that you never have to roll them up or down. Also try to choose sleeves close enough to the body, having too much space between your body and the fabric can quickly become disturbing. Again, these are important points if you really want to be comfortable wearing a hoodie, as the opposite would be a bit silly and paradoxical.

5. The Rest of Your Outfit

Hoodie outfit

Having a hoodie that fits true to size is a good thing, but don't forget that it's part of an ensemble. Depending on the cuts you decide to wear, your hoodie will fit better with certain types of clothing. For example, if you like a slim fit, head more towards pants like leggings or jeans. Layered clothing like flannel or jacket is also perfect to wear with this type of hooded sweatshirts. Loose fit hoodies and their more streetwear side will be perfect to wear with accessories, sneakers or sweatpants. Of course, you are also free to make your own mix according to your taste and your interpretation of a good outfit, it is also important.

6. Fabrics are Important

As we have seen with spandex and its qualities in terms of lightness and elasticity, the hoodie materials can be an important point when wearing a hoodie. If you want the best products for cold weather, go for the fleece hoodie that will make you feel very warm. Like spandex, jersey fabrics are an excellent choice because of their elasticity for people who like sports and outdoor activities. The 100% cotton hoodies without additives like polyester are excellent for people who want to wear "normal hoodies" that will offer you a great comfort in everyday life.


Now you know the important things to know about fitting your hoodies. You can now pick out the things that can help you depending on your choice of style, materials and the kind of hoodies you want to wear. As we've seen, your fit will then come down to things like length and what other clothing you want to wear with it. You can also continue to browse our site to see our many graphic hoodies. Great products if you want to give your outfits a boost with artist made designs. 

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