How to wear a hoodie

The 7 Best Ways to Wear a Hoodie

Comfortable garment now present in most of the wardrobe, the hoodie is however not the easiest garment to wear. This garment is especially effective in well-chosen outfits, both in terms of style and color. In this article you will discover the best way to wear your hoodie through different clothes and clothing styles. An article that will give you all the tricks and confidence to wear your hoodie in the best way in your daily life.

With a Flannel: The Best Combo

Flannel and hoodie

Flannel is probably one of the best garments to wear with a hoodie for several reasons. This garment will bring you an extra comfort and a unique touch in your outfits. Preferably choose a flannel with a checkered pattern that matches your hoodie like the picture above. Avoid hoodies with multiple colors, the set with your flannel must contain 3 colors maximum for a perfect result. Here are our tips for wearing your hoodie perfectly with a flannel

The Perfect Garment for Oversize

Oversized hoodie

When you think of oversized clothing, the hoodie is usually at the top of the list. It's no wonder, the garment represents the very essence of this fashion thanks to its comfort and materials. The best advice we can give you is to choose hoodies that have been specially built for this kind of style. Don't take regular fit hoodies and add 3 sizes to them, it doesn't always give the expected result. We also have an article on how to wear your oversized hoodie to help you master this style. 

Highlight it With Your Sneakers

Grey sweatshirt with sneakers

An important but too often overlooked point when it comes to wearing a hoodie or sweatshirt is the shoes. Obviously, hoodies go perfectly with a good pair of sneakers. We advise you to wear sneakers that match your hoodie and to take a little more freedom in your choice of pants. This will have two significant impacts, your hoodie will highlight your sneakers and your sneakers your hoodie. Simple and perfectly balanced outfits that will offer you all the comfort you need for your days. 

Tracksuit Set: Simple And Effective

Tracksuit set

Let's stay in the effective combo with the sets. Outfits that are perfect for not taking the headache out of choosing your clothes but that will allow you to have more style than 90% of people. The other strong point of this kind of outfit is obviously the comfort. Nothing better than wearing a hoodie, sweatpants and comfortable shoes. The outfits will usually offer you two choices, sporty or casual. It's up to you to choose what suits you best for your day. 

A Unique Touch With a Graphic Design

Black graphic hoodie

Solid color hoodies are great for creating effective outfits, but why not give them a boost. That's what graphic hoodies offer with their varied designs to reflect your personality. If you wish to discover this kind of unique hooded sweatshirts you can discover the different choices on our online store. Whether you want to share good vibes or show your appreciation for certain styles, graphic hoodies will be perfect for doing so. It is now up to you to find the perfect mix of quality materials and designs. 

Jeans, Always a Safe Bet

Green hoodie with blue jeans

It's sometimes hard to explain, but jeans are still an essential in almost any outfit. And hoodie outfits are part of it, jeans usually go very well with this kind of clothing. To be worn with jeans we advise you to opt for hoodies with regular fit. A choice that will fit perfectly with jeans that have generally regular or slim fit. We specialize in hoodies, but some articles can tell you how to wear jeans ideally

Sublimate Your Hoodie With a Jacket

Black leather jacket

If you want to break a bit from the streetwear style to create a unique mix, jackets are great for that. Some mixes may seem surprising like leather jackets, but if done right you will take your outfit to a whole new level. Don't forget that jackets offer you a wide variety of materials, you can for example opt for a denim or wool jacket. The styles of jackets are equally varied, such as bombers, blazers or puffer jackets. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, a hoodie is a versatile garment that can be worn in many different ways to create comfortable and fashionable looks. Whether you wear it casually or dressy, with sneakers or high shoes, a hoodie can be turned into a wardrobe essential. You just have to make the choices through the essential things you need to know to wear this type of clothing well.

By following these tips and tricks, you will be able to create looks that are both comfortable and perfectly chosen with your hoodie. So, feel free to incorporate this piece into your wardrobe and have fun with the different ways of wearing it to create outfits that suit you.

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